Tournaments Formats

Stableford Scoring

An alternative method of keeping score. Instead of counting strokes, points are awarded to each player based upon the outcome of each hole. The Stableford Scoring System awards a single point for a bogey; two points for a par; three for a birdie, etc. Variations of the actual number of points awarded for each outcome are known as "Modified Stableford Scoring". Stableford Scoring values can be tailored by tournament promoters to encourage risky play by increasing the rewards for achieving birdies and eagles... and removing the penalties for bad outcomes. The most common modification is to award one point for each par, two for each birdie, three for each eagle, etc. This way, the penalty for missing par is the same no matter how big a mistake is made. You simply get zero points whether you finish the hole one-over, two-over or even worse.

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