Golf Training

Junior Golf Academy

"Learning to play golf involves more than just hitting a golf ball."

Our PGA Junior Golf Academy is a 8 level program that will take your child from their first swing to their first Birdie!

Each level is 16 weeks and we will cover all the basic FUN-damentals of golf.   Your child will progress through each level acquiring new skills and knowledge while building confidence and self-esteem along the way.

Once your child has successfully completed all the skills challenges and examinations of a level, he/she will receive a certificate of completion and will then be eligible to advance to the next level.

Then when Level 5 is completed and your child has passed all the skills requirements, rules of golf and simulation testing, he or she would then receive a certificate of accomplishment and would be eligible to join our Tournament Level.

A Special Tournament Level has been designed for those kids who show exceptional skills.
We will take them on course with the Pros and teach them how to manage the course and their game. they will be issued an official USGA Handicap Card and we will prepare them for local and overseas competitions.

For more information and registration please contact Fred Morales, PGA at 9518 4540 or