2018 Local Tournaments

Note: Entrants must be a resident in Hong Kong for at least six months immediately prior to the commencement of the Tournament, or were born in Hong Kong. All competitors must be in possession of a current GHIN Handicap updated within the last 3 months.

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2-4 May Hong Kong Seniors Close Amateur Championship Venue: DBGC
5 May HSBC Junior Golf Series (#2) Venue: CWB (Academy)
14 May Inter-Secondary Schools Competition Venue: HKGC


5 June HKGA June Stableford Tournament Venue: CWB Men, Ladies
9 June HSBC Junior Golf Series (#3) Venue: CWB (Academy)
19-20 June Mid Summer Classic Tournament Venue: HKGC Men, Ladies


6 July HSBC Junior Golf Series (#4) Venue: CWB (Academy)
10 July HKGA July Stableford Tournament Venue: CWB Men, Ladies
16 July Albert K W Lai Junior Tournament Venue: HKGC


3 August HSBC Junior Golf Series (#5) Venue: CWB (Academy)
8 August -10 AugustHong Kong Junior Open Championship (Aged 11-17) Venue: DBGC
13 August Hong Kong Junior Open Championship (Aged 7-10) Venue: HKGC (DWB)
27-31 August APGC Junior Championship (By Invitation) Venue: CWB


8 September HSBC Junior Golf Series (#6) Venue: CWB (Academy)
12-14 September Hong Kong Ladies Open Amateur and Mid Amateur Championships Venue: DBGC


9-12 October Hong Kong Open Mens Amateur and Mid Amateur Championships Venue: HKGC


7-9 November Hong Kong Seniors Open Amateur Championship Venue: HKGC


7 December HKGA Pairs Tournament Venue: DBGC Men, Ladies
17 December Graphite Design Hong Kong Schools Holiday Competition (Aged 12 and Under) Venue: HKGC (DWB)
19 -20 December Dr. George Choa Cup - Team Event by Invitation Venue: HKGC Junior
27-28 December HKGA Winter Junior Championship Venue: KSC

Stroke Play  Competition between two or more players where the object is to complete the round with the fewest number of total strokes using the players handicap.

Match Play is a competition format in which the round is played with the goal of winning individual holes. For example..... read more

Stableford is an alternative method of keeping score. Instead of counting stroke .... read more

Scramble A type of team golf game, often used in tournaments, where all members of the team hit from the same spot throughout the hole .... read more

Best Ball a type of golf tournament where each golfer plays his/her own ball from start to finish but the team score for each hole is determined by .... read more

Four Ball A form of match play. Two players from one team compete against two players of the other. All four players play their own ball through the entire course... read more

Double Peoria Six of the eighteen holes are secretly selected as special holes. None of the competitors are supposed to know which of the eighteen holes are the special six... read more

The Callaway System A formula for handicapping one-time events, where it is difficult for all participants to provide a true handicap... read more