Greenside Bunker

1) The first is the secret sand shot grip.

This grip is guaranteed to get the ball out of the bunker!

Start by gripping your sand wedge with your regular left hand grip (for right handed golfers), then turn your left hand 90 degrees to the right so the butt of the club is facing the hole, and now place your left hand on the club in your regular fashion.

This grip opens the clubface and more importantly positions the club so the bounce of the club hits the sand first, which leads us to point number two.

2) The sand wedge is designed with a large and heavy bottom called the bounce of the club.

This is what contacts the sand first to blast the sand out of the way and lets the club head slide under the ball. The biggest problem I see with weekend golfers in the sand is that they use the leading edge of the club like a regular shot and all this does is dig the club head deeper into the sand and the result is the ball is left in the sand trap

3) Set up with an open stance and then start the back swing by cocking your wrist straight up, like you were chopping wood, and to the outside of the line so you come into the ball with an outside open swing Follow through with an open club face. A lot of weekend golfers stop when they hit the sand. The problem with that is the ball stops too. Swing through the shot and think splash!

The Fairway Bunker  

Set up for this shot as if you are in the fairway.

Take one more club than usual and choke up about an inch or so, you don’t want to choke up to much as this may result in a thin shot. Not enough and you will hit it fat. The key here is to pick it clean. After choking up take your normal fairway swing but keep your lower half quiet. Use mostly your upper body. The ball will not go as far, so that is the reason for the extra club.