Golf Ball Pieces

When you buy balls, you may find it very confusing when someone mentions one, two, and three-piece golf balls. We hope you find this information helpful in determining the best ball for you.


One-Piece golf balls are ideal for beginners and generally used for driving ranges. This type of constructed ball is seldom used as a playing ball. It is typically made from a solid piece of Surlyn with dimples molded in. It is an inexpensive and very durable golf ball, but does not give you the distance when hit because of its lower compression. On impact with the club face, the one-piece ball has a softer feel.


A Two-Piece golf ball is used by most ordinary everyday golfers because it combines durability with maximum distance. The balls are made with a single solid sphere (core), usually a hard plastic, enclosed in the ball's cover. The solid core is typically a high-energy acrylate or resin and is covered by a tough, cut-proof blended cover that gives the two-piece ball more distance than any other ball. These "hard" balls are covered in either Surlyn, a specialty plastic proprietary to the Du Pont Company, or a similar kind of material. The two piece is virtually indestructible and with its high roll distance, it is by far the most popular golf ball among ordinary golfers.


Three-Piece golf balls or wound balls have either a solid rubber ore liquid center (core) which is covered by many yards of elastic windings, over which is molded a cover of durably Surlyn, Surlyn like, or balata. Wound balls are softer and take more spin, allowing a skillful golfer more control over the ball's flight when hit. It typically has a higher spin rate than a two piece ball and is more controllable by good players. A Surlyn cover is a thermoplastic resin that is harder than a balata and is considerably more durable. A balata-covered, liquid centered, three piece ball takes longer to manufacture than a two-piece ball. The wound construction over a liquid center, combined with a soft synthetic balata cover, produces a very high spin rate, providing maximum control and feel.