Your pre-shot alignment to the target involves a lot of feel. It can be one of the most difficult components of a good golf swing on a shot to shot basis.

Unless you can develop a routine for proper alignment, assuming you are trying to execute a straight shot, getting it right every time will be nothing more than chance.

Setting up for a draw or fade and uphill/downhill lies requires somewhat minor variations to your positioning. We'll deal with the straight shot as it is the one most often needed to get from point A to B in your round.

When getting into position for the shot, you are forced to see the target basically out of one eye, looking to the left of the line, causing a distorted view. This makes lining up square to the target even more critical.

"The only way to ensure a proper aim is by aligning your body around the position of the clubface." What is meant by that is assuming the leading edge of the clubface is 90 degrees to the target, you must allow everything else to follow its lead.



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