Question: Some questions regarding the life of golf balls.

How long can you store golf balls before they lose their elasticity?

How long can you play the same ball before it starts causing you to lose distance?

What is the best way to store golf balls over the winter?

One other question. What are your thoughts concerning leaving graphite shafted clubs in the trunk of your vehicle overnight? Also, do you store them upright or laying down?

Answer: Let's take your questions one at a time.

According to my friends at the Acushnet Company, the shelf life of a golf ball is three to five years.

How long you can play the same ball before you start losing distance depends on who's hitting it. A good player could use the same ball for many rounds without noticing a loss of distance, but probably wouldn't, because cosmetically, the ball would lose its shine. A poor player, who swings the club at the ball like a logger swinging an ax, will probably lose distance quickly because the ball will be knocked out of round and won't have a true ball flight.

Store golf balls at room temperature.

Stick to the brand names for the best quality and consistency.

Finally, storing your clubs in your trunk overnight isn't a good idea because of the heat and humidity the builds up in there. Also, it takes a thief about ten seconds to remove them, leaving you with an empty trunk. Laying them down or standing them up would make no difference. I'm curious. What kind of car has a trunk deep enough to stand a set of golf clubs in it?